Hello there.

I’m Derek, a graphic artist and UX/UI designer from Los Angeles.

I have spent nearly 20 years designing products with focus on intuition and simplicity for numerous global clients.

I also play video games.


Every hero needs a quest. Here are some I have completed.







“Game Over.” Two words I have read more than any others throughout my life. They constantly reinforce the idea that I made a mistake, I missed something, I hadn’t quite figured out the problem yet. Since my first excursion into worlds of adventure on my Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, I have tried my hand at accomplishing many different things, usually failing many times over before I ever enjoy a single success.

But video games have taught me a lot. What it means to try again, to persevere. Today, I welcome the opportunity to play a brand new game, dive into mechanics I have never used before, and proceed to master them. It’s what I love to do. But before I ever get there, I usually need to try a few times.

I bring this same ideology into my work as a Graphic and UX/UI Designer. Though my skills have improved over the years by great measure, I am always working with new clients, many of whom are from industries I may never have heard of. I partner with companies, startups, or simply individuals, in order to help grow their personal and professional brands. After spending a decade and a half in the graphic design industry, I shifted to user experiences–wholly invested in establishing brand identity and ease-of-use products that are accessible to clients and users alike.

I have had my work in print, broadcast and various other digital outlets, collaborating with clients such as Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, SyFy and Starz to name a few. In addition to my dedication to user-centric design, I spend much of my free time playing RPGs and watching films with my cat, Zero. We like action and horror.

Not everyone knows exactly what a UX designer does, but that’s OK. Oftentimes my job requires me to teach. But it has never lessened the amount I learn. I hope to work with you in the future, and bring a 1-UP to your company.


A class built for effectiveness in graphic arts and UX/UI design. Subclass: motion graphics and editing.